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    This List of Museums for Saving TNI Heroic Collections

    There are not a few museums that devoted to commemorate the services of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) in performing the task of defending the country. In the museum visitors can learn the history as well as see the direct collection related to the history of the TNI.

    Commemorating TNI's Birthday that is held every October 5, there are the museum's list of memorabilia about the TNI:

    1. Satria Mandala Museum - Jakarta

    Museum that located at Jalan Jendral Gatot Subroto Number 14, Jakarta is a museum that devoted to commemorate the struggle of the TNI. The full range of collectibles are ranging from weapons, special attributes, planes, and war dioramas that are stored in the Satria Mandala Museum. This museum was formerly famous as Yaso Home, the resting place of President Soekarno ahead of his death.

    2. Yos Sudarso Museum - Surabaya, East Java

    Yosaphat Soedarso is an Indonesian hero who comes from the Navy. He died at the battle of the Aru Sea in the Trikora conflict (West Papua). For his distinctions, hero monument Yosaphat Soedarso was created in Ujung Area, Surabaya, complete with a museum that explaining the development of Indonesian Navy.

    3. Central Museum of the Air Force of Air Dirgantara Mandala - Yogyakarta

    The hometown of the hero of the Air Force, Agustinus Adisoetjipto became the chosen place to introduce the history as well as ins and outs of the North Force. Central Museum of the Air Force of Air Dirgantara Mandala is located in the Adisutjipto Airport complex, Yogyakarta. Here, visitors can see various war planes and replicas, as well as war aid equipment for the Air Force. Uniquely, the museum was originally established on Jalan Tanah Abang, Jakarta, until finally moved to Yogyakarta which had been considered as a historic place for the Air Force.

    4. Brawijaya Museum - Malang, East Java

    Brawijaya Museum is located at Ijen Street No. 25, Malang City, East Java. This museum has a fairly complete collections of weapons that fight for the independence of Indonesia around the era 1945s. There are various of tanks, cannons, uniforms, maps, and other war attributes. One of the conspicuous collections is the Death Car in the central courtyard of the museum, which is transporting forced laborers in the Dutch era. But because no air holes, the forced laborers were eventually killed in the carriage.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com
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