Slamet Mountain in Pemalang Regency, Central Java has amazing tourism potential. At the foot of Slamet Mountain, there is a tourist attraction that called "Tangkeban Hill". This hill offers spots and scenery that are very interesting. Tangkeban Hill is located in Pulosari Village, Pulosari District, Pemalang Regency. Tangkeban Hill is more interesting because during the last three months, this tourism has been developed creatively by the village youth. At the top of the hill, there are interesting spots that to be taken as a place to take pictures. But, to get interesting spots from Tangkeban Hill, visitors must be willing to climb that has high as 100 meters.

Source: BPM Wibowo (@pakbpmwibowo)

Access road to Tangkeban Hill is feasible. There is a walkway made of concrete that can be traversed for the journey with a time approximately 6 minutes. This tourism is suitable for all, including children. Arriving at the peak, the natural beauty is very visible. The right view of this hill is beautiful. The Slamet Mountain, the highest mountain in Central Java is clearly visible in front of the eye to make you are amazed. While on the left views, there are presented of people's homes, shady trees, and the deep blue sea. There are also endemic birds that live free conflict in the region.

At the top, there are also built some interesting photo spots. There are several wooden buildings, such as stage and bridge. Spot becomes unique and memorable because it is embellished with creative writings typical of children who are upset. Every day, Tangkeban Hill is visited at least 50 people, while in the weekend, over 100 people come to enjoy the fresh panorama of nature in the region. To arrive at this tourism, visitors only need to look for directions to the Jar. Before reaching Guci, there is a guiding board to the village of Pulosari. The entrance fee is relatively affordable. Fee for entering Tangkeban Hill is only 3,000 Rupiah per person, while the vehicle parking is only 2,000 Rupiah.

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