Indonesia is being hit by the trend of viewing tree house tourism. It makes the various regions in Indonesia race to create tree house tourism. Bogor also makes a similar tourism with name "Pabangbon Tree House" which also offers stunning landscapes. Similarly with tree house tourism, natural tourism Pabangbon Bogor Tree House presents the natural scenery of Bogor Regency from a height. Although this tourist area is still new, but Pabangon Tree House is instantly attracting for tourists, especially for young people who really like the activities of photographs.

Pabangbon Tree House is located in pine forest area and meranti research forest that are managed by Perhutani. So in addition to tourism, Pabangbon Tree House can also be used for educational facilities. Although the land of Pabangbon Tree House is owned by Perhutani of Bogor but this tourism is managed by the local community. The Pabangbon Tree House is expected to improve the economy of local community. The scenery that is offered Pabangbon Bogor House is no doubt for its beauty. Even if the weather is sunny without fog, we can see how tall the buildings in Jakarta.

Activities that can be done in Pabangbon Bogor Tree House

Photo Hunting
Yes, the first activity that you can definitely do at Pabangbon Tree House is photo hunting. With the natural beauty that is offered by this tourism, it will certainly help you to get the cool photographs.

Study Tour Adventure
In addition to traveling, we also can learn in the area of ​​Pabangbon Tree House because there is meranti research forest belong with Perhutani that can certainly increase your insight.

To get the location of Pabangbon Tree House is indeed not easy. It takes extra effort with a vehicle that is fit. Therefore, Pabangbon Tree House is perfect for your adventure lovers to visit.

- Food stalls
- Parking lot
- Tree House
- Gazebo

Ticket Price of Pabangbon Bogor Tree House:
Rp. 6,000 / person

Ride to Tree House:
Rp. 5,000 / person

Opening Hours:
Morning - 5:00 pm

Accommodation (Lodging)
Tthere is no lodging in the vicinity of Pabangbon Tree House, but the community suggested that if tourists want to stay, you can stay at the homes of residents.

Address; Pabangbon Village, Leuwiliang District, Bogor Regency, West Java.
32 kilo meters from downtown Bogor City via Jl. Leuwiliang - Bogor (1 hour 31 minutes)
(estimated travel time if there are no constraints)

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