Kudus does not have many tourist attractions that we can visit. But it turns out in Kudus, there is one worthy natural waterfall that should be visited. Montel Waterfall, this is the name of natural attraction. Montel Waterfall is located in Colo, Kudus, precisely at the foot of Mount Muria, which is the most famous mountain in Kudus Regency. You could say Montel Waterfall is the most natural beauty in Kudus. Montel Waterfall becomes the popular natural attractions in this district that you should not miss. Characteristics of Montel Waterfall is not much different from Curug Lawe and Grojogan Sewu, but Montel Waterfall is smaller than other waterfalls.

The atmosphere in this Kudus tourism can be spelled out and it is quite cool because Montel Waterfall is located in the highlands. With lush trees and green plants around the waterfall make it look natural. Montel Waterfall has a height of approximately 50 meters with a fairly heavy flow of water. Just below the waterfall, there is a natural pool that can be used to bathe or just wash face. Montel Waterfall is quite recommended for nature tourism lovers or photography lovers because the scenery of this waterfall is beautiful. But during the holiday season, Montel Waterfall will be very crowded by tourists.

To go the Montel Waterall, we have to walk about 10 minutes from parking lot. There are two options, you can ride a motorcycle or walk. But more advisable, you could walk because the distance is not too far away. In addition, there are two paths that we can pass to get the location of the waterfall. When you get to the parking lot (left the road), you will see a sign saying "Jalur Alternatif Air Terjun Montel" (Alternate Path To The Montel Waterfall) on the right side. If you go through the alternative path , you will arrive at the waterfall location by passing the right side. Meanwhile, if you pass the main route (still up again), you will pass to the left of the waterfall.

- Food stalls
- Toilet
- Public Motorcycle
- Parking lot
- Mosque
And many more.

Admission Price of Montel Waterfall:
Rp. 7,500 / person

Accommodation (Lodging):
There's already a lodging not far from Montel Waterfall, so you do not have to worry.

Address: Kajar Village, Dawe District, Kudus, Central Java.
19 Km from Alun-alun Kudus (Simpang 7) through Jl. Raya Kudus-Colo (37 minutes)
(estimated travel time if there are no constraints)

Route Towards Montel Waterfall
Access to Montel Waterfall is very easy, you can follow the route below.

#Using a Private Vehicle
From Simpang 7 Kudus, take directions to Colo / Tomb of Sunan Muria. Just follow the path until you get to the parking lot of Sunan Muria Tomb. From there, you still have to straighten up to find the left bend of the road (follow the direction of the public motorcycle).

Please turn (left), keep following the path until you reach the parking lot of Montel Waterfall

#Using Public Transport
From the center of Kudus City, you can go to Kudus Terminal. In terminal, you can take public transportation with Colo majors and get off at Sunan Muria Tomb. From the Sunan Muria Tomb, you can ride motorcycles to the location or choose to walk by following the direction of the motorcycle taxi drivers.

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