Every day, Pusur River in Klaten regency, Central Java, is always crowded with visitors who come to down the river with a large truck tire or so-called "tubing". Most visitors come from Yogyakarta and Klaten. Understandably, tubing activity of "Pusur Adventure" has just opened last year.

Whereas in previous years, the Pusur River was still filled with garbage. But initiated by local youths, they began to move against the garbage. Every Friday and Sunday, local people start picking up trash in the river. Until finally, this activity becomes a routine program. Aware of the potential of tourism, the youth who are members of the Pusur Tubing Community began to open the tubing business. The result is turned out to be unexpected. Initially quiet, the visitors are most only villagers or neighbors. But now, every day, there is always a message or come impromptu.

Tubing in Pusur River is divided into two routes, short route and long route. The long route through the terrain is quite heavy because through the rocks and strong currents, as well as followed by a long and gently sloping route. The fee of Pusur River Tubing is also affordable. Small package without food and only drinks is 45.000 Rupiah per person, while the fee of large package with snacks and hot tea is 65.000 Rupiah per person. Food and beverages are also managed by local people in the village.

Tourists can freely take a bath in the bathroom or bathe in the homes of residents. The profits will be distributed to the citizens and youth involved. The most exciting spot is when passing through the Manger. The tubing participants can jump or fall from a height of about 2 meters with a strong flow. Pusur River Tubing proves that vocation is not always fancy and destructive. Tubing tourism actually becomes the encouragement of local people to restore the cleanliness of the river and stimulate the economy of residents. Now Pola Harjo Village, Klaten regency that was once quiet became crowded. Not to forget, Pusur River becomes clean. Thanks to tubing

Article Source: travel.kompas.com