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    Landscape Indonesia

    Java: The island of Java is roughly the same size as England and has a population of over 120 million. This gives Java a population density at least twice as high as other countries in the world with a similar area. The Javanese landscape is dominated by the volcanoes, of which there are over 100 on the island, such as the Papandayan and the Bromo. About 30 of the volcanoes are still active.

    Bali: Bali is dominated by the Gunung Agung, a volcano with a height of nearly 2 miles. It is a small island with very varied geography, ranging from majestic inland mountains and volcanoes to limestone and lowland on the coast. Beautiful beaches and coral reefs surround the island. Bali is also famous for its stunning rice fields in the hills.
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    Lombok: The predominantly Islamic island has empty beaches and a quiet, rural way of life. The Rinjani volcano dominates Lombok, with its peak at 2.3 miles above sea level.

    The Lesser Sunda Islands
    This chain of islands is situated east of Bali and extends over a distance of 800 miles. In modern Indonesia, the islands are called Nusa Tenggara (the south-eastern islands). The archipelago is known amongst geologists as the Lesser Sunda Islands, as opposed to the Greater Sunda Islands of Sumatra, Java and Borneo. However, with regards to tourist attractions there is nothing lesser about Nusa Tenggara. A region of such small scale with such diversity and wealth of nature and culture can be found nowhere else in the world. From Lombok in the west to Timor in the east, this group of islands is blessed with calm white sandy beaches, clear water and stunning coral reefs. Nusa Tenggara has no less than 566 islands, 320 of which are so small that they are as yet unnamed. 42 of these islands are inhabited. The islands in this volcanic archipelago are potentially very fertile. Several volcanoes rise up to a height of around 2 miles and many contain deep crater lakes. Mass tourism has not quite reached these islands and the facilities are quite modest.
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