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Thread: Kedung Jembar

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    Kedung Jembar

    Malang, whatever is in this city, definitely it has the potential to become popular tourist attractions, especially for nature tourism. In Malang, there are a lot of cool natural attractions. One of the natural tourism that attract many tourists to come is Kedung Jembar Waterfall. Kedung Jembar is a natural tourist attraction in Malang which has no less scenic scenery with similar tours. Kedung Jembar Waterfall has the characteristics of terraces (stilts) like Kedung Kandang Waterfall in Jogja, Kedung Jembar only has a shorter level.

    Not only that, the water flow in Kedung Jembar is spelled out very clear, making anyone feel at home for long in this tourist spot. The water in Kedung Jembar itself has a tosca green color with brown stones that surround it. The water flow in Kedung Jembar forms a small pond beneath which we can use for bathing. Not even a few people who call Kedung Jembar as "Green Canyon" mini version of Malang, where we know "Green Canyon Indonesia" is located in West Java. So for the people of Malang do not need all the way to West Java, just come to Kedung Jembar first to enjoy the "Green Canyon" mini version.

    The scenery in Kedung Jembar is very beautiful, so it is not only suitable for travelers. For the landscape photographer is highly recommended to capture the scenery in Kedung Jembar, plus the atmosphere in Kedung Jembar area is still quite natural. To the surrounding community, Kedung Jembar is also known as "Kletek Watu Ijo". This one natural tourist spot is perfect to visit after you feel tired all day work and want to enjoy a moment relax away.

    Route Towards Kedung Jembar Waterfall

    From downtown Malang, you stay towards Kepanjen and continue to Donomolyo (in the direction of Mondangan Beach). After you reach the T-intersection of South Cross Road (JLS), just stay straight to the nearest village (Sumber Roto Village) of Kedung Jembar and you have to walk about 1 km.

    Accommodation (Lodging)

    For those of you who want to stay, there is no hotel around the tourist area. So, as an alternative, you can find a hotel or homestay in the nearest town or in downtown Malang.

    Address; Sumber Roto Village, Donomulyo District, Malang Regency, East Java
    66 Km from the center of Malang through Jl. Colonel Sugiono (1 hour 54 minutes)
    50 Km from Gondanglegi via Jl. Ahmad yani (1 hour 21 minutes)
    (estimated travel time if there are no constraints)

    Article Source: www.brobali.com
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    I will go there later.

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