Nature tourism is making our traveling becomes more exciting, for example waterfall tourism. In Bandung, there is a waterfall that called "Curug Bugbrug". Then, what is interesting from this Curug Bugbrug?

Located on the plains with an altitude of about 1050 masl, the atmosphere in the waterfall is quite cool and fresh. This waterfall has a height of approximately 50 meters. With a small pond beneath, it has a depth of about 2-3 meters. Curug Bugbrug is arguably still less popular with its neighbors, Curug Cimahi. But you should not underestimate the beauty of Curug Bugbrug because the scenery here is not less beautiful and is perfect for adding your cool photo collection. The flow of this waterfall comes from the Cimahi River, but many people who have not or do not even know if this Curug Bugbrug exist. Most of them only know about Curug Cimahi. It's because the location is quite hidden and away from the highway.

Its hidden location makes the waterfall in quiet condition, so it is suitable for you who like taking selfie because there is no interference from others. But keep in mind for you who want to come here because access to the location can be considered quite difficult. To reach the destination, we can also take from Curug Cimahi by walking eastward, then head north by passing the path of plantation fields belong to local people.

Besides on that, we can also from Parongpong terminal by passing flower villa complex. If you do not know about the path, you can ask to the local people. Because the road is still in the form of land, during the rainy season, the streets will be muddy.

After more or less 15 minutes walk, Curug Bugbrug will be seen from a distance. When we get to the location, we will be treated to the green scenery of the grass and the cliff where the curug bugbrug is located. Around this waterfall area, there are saung that we can use to rest and Mushola, but no food stalls. So it is advisable to bring your own lunch.


Address: Kertawangi Village, Cisarua District, West Bandung, West Java.
19 km from downtown Bandung via Jl. Sergeant Bajuri (52 minutes)
5 km from Cisarua West Bandung (12 minutes)
9 km from Lembang via Jl. Colonel Matsuri (24 minutes)
(estimated travel time if there are no constraints)

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