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    Penggaron Forest, Ungaran - Central Java - Indonesia

    Penggaron forest is one of the leading tourist city of Semarang that offers the natural beauty of pine forests, jungle tours are located about 17 km from the center of Semarang, while from the city center Ungaran only 2 km, the village nearest the susukan, with the distance is not far from city​​, jungle tours penggaron became one tourist destination.

    With a height of approximately 350 m above sea level, and temperatures range between 20 C to 26 C, penggaron forest became one of the favorite places for coolness.

    With the dominance of pine forest and cool temperate forests even this into place a variety of animal species, one that is green Peacock Bird, Lathe Java, Java and Kipasan Tesia Hill, with several bird species that these tourist attractions including one of the Important bird areas in the city of Semarang . The existence of several species of bird, is expected to make this resort is as environmentally sustainable tourism and education.

    The topography is dominated by protected forest area is hilly, and also the majority dirajai by trees that have been aged, as well as in Reach by atmospheric moisture, which is one kingdom division Bryophyta.

    Not just recreational activities such as sports, outbound training, jungle tracking, scouting and rescue exercises, to research and other scientific knowledge can be done at this resort.

    Source: youwilltravel.blogspot.com

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