Its name is Nampu Beach. If you see from the name, maybe some people do not know about this one tourist attraction of Wonogiri. Although still less popular with Klayar Beach in Pacitan, but the beauty of Nampu Wonogiri Beach should not be underestimated. The characteristics of Nampu Beach are almost identical to most of the southern shore, where it is surrounded by karst hills. In addition, the coastline at Nampu Beach is also quite long and it's added to have beautiful white sand.

Nampu Beach is the most popular beach in Wonogiri, so for you who is lovers of beach tourism, it is not fair when visiting Wonogiri but do not stop at Nampu Beach. In addition to offer a very beautiful scenery, this beach tourism is also quite unique. Actually Nampu Beach consists of 3 beaches that are separated by karst hill. From these three beaches, the main beach is a favorite location frequented by tourists. Not without reason, in addition to the easiest access, the scenery that offered at Nampu Beach is also very beautiful part.

Nampu beach is the main part that has the longest coastline. To get the other part of the coast, we have to trekking through the path first to get to the location. Nampu Beach in Wonogiri is not only offering the beauty of nature alone. In this beach, we can also see the beautiful sunrise and sunset. So, if you are looking for a spot to see sunrise or sunset in Wonogiri, Nampu Beach is one of the cool locations that you should not miss.

The increasing popularity of Nampu Beach, now has begun to build a variety of supporting facilities that increasingly spoil visitors. Once feel satisfied around, you can rest in the stalls or beachside gazebo while enjoying the coconut ice. Nampu Beach has big enough waves, so it's a bit dangerous if we want to swim. To be more secure, we just play on the edge of beach only. Even so, we can still enjoy the crystal clear water of Nampu Beach anyway.

- Food stalls
- Parking lot
- Toilet
- Gazebo
And many more.

Ticket Price for entering Nampu Beach:
5,000 Rupiah / person

Accommodation (Lodging)
For those of you who want to stay, so far there is no lodging around Nampu Beach. Instead, you can camp on the beach.


Address: Dringo Village, Gunturharjo, Paranggupito Sub-District, Wonogiri, Central Java
a) 78 Kilometers from downtown of Wonogiri via Jl. Raya Solo-Pacitan (2 hours 9 minutes)
b) 92 Km from downtown of Solo via Jl. Raya Solo-Pacitan (2 hours 43 minutes)
(estimated travel time if there are no constraints)

The Route Towards Nampu Wonogiri Beach

From Solo City, Karanganyar and surrounding areas, you can head towards Wonogiri regency by passing Sukoharjo. Up to Gadjah Mungkur Reservoir, go straight until you find branching with road signs, then choose directions to Pracimantoro / Yogyakarta.

Then, just follow the path straight up to the intersection where if you turn left then going to Pacitan, right to Yogyakarta and straight towards Wonosari, then take the direction toward Pacitan.

Keep following the path until you reach the intersection again, then take the right direction to Paranggupito. After that, you will find a signpost for the road to Nampu Beach at the T-junction.

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