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    Curug Cipamingkis

    Bogor again has a cool natural attractions that should not be missed. After having tourist attractions such as Little Venice to Leuwi Jurig, now there is one more natural tour, the waterfall tourism. This waterfall has the name "Curug Cipamingkis", a waterfall that managed by Perum Perhutani Bogor is located in Jonggol area. Curug Cipamingkis is one of the cool waterfalls that can attract the attention of tourists because of its beauty and natural scenery. Although this waterfall is not in the mountains, but the air in the tourist area of Cipamingkis Waterfall is cool enough, make us feel at home linger here.

    In the Curug Cipamingkis area, there is also a photo spot like the tip of the ship, so we can take pictures with a pose like in the scene of Titanic Movie. Curug Cipamingkis itself is a waterfall that is not too high, but has a fairly heavy flow of water. If you are looking for an unspoiled waterfall in Bogor, Curug Cipamingkis can be one of your choice. The naturalness and beauty of nature at Curug Cipamingkis is still very awake, coupled with the existence of pine forest.

    But to enjoy the beauty of Curug Cipamingkis, we still have to walk from the parking lot to the location of the waterfall first. Although there is not public transportation, but calm it, because the road to location Cipamingkis Waterfall has been arranged neat really, so the road is very easy for tourists.

    The name of Cipamingkis waterfall itself is taken from two streams that meet, the flow of the river Cipamingkis and Cisarua.

    - Camping Ground
    - Toilet
    - Mosque
    - Parking lot
    - Food stalls
    - Jogging Tracks
    And many more.

    Ticket Price Entrance:

    10,000 Rupiah / person

    Accommodation (Lodging)

    For those of you who want to stay, there are many inns in the form of villas not far from Curug Cipamingkis, or you can also camp in the area Curug Cipamingkis this. In addition to closer to nature, you also feel more exciting when you invite friends.


    Address: Wargajaya Village, Suka Makmur District, Bogor Regency, West Java.
    50 Kilo meters from Bogor City via Jagorawi Toll (1 hour 43 minutes)
    (estimated travel time if there are no constraints)

    Route Towards Curug Cipamingkis Bogor

    1) Access to Curug Cipamingkis can be fairly easy. From the center of Bogor city, you can follow the route:
    Bogor - Sentul - Babakan Madang - Sukamakmur - Wargajaya Village - Curug Cipamingkis.

    2) If you are from Jakarta, you can follow the route below:
    Cibubur - Gunung Putri - Jonggol - Sukamakmur - Wargajaya Village - Curug Cipamingkis.

    Article Source: www.brobali.com
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