Yogyakarta, as a student city, is one of the many tourist destinations that still save tourism potential. As in Bantul Regency, there is a potential of nature tourism that has not been widely known by the wider community, such as Kedung Pengilon Waterfall. Located in Petung Hamlet, Bangunjiwo Village, Kasihan District, Bantul District, Yogyakarta Special Region, Kedung Pengilon can be an alternative destination for your trip. Location of this waterfall is far from the urban bustle. A rustic atmosphere with a beautiful atmosphere will welcome every tourist who visit in the Kedung Pengilon Waterfall.

The location of Kedung Pengilon is about 200 meters from the residential area. From the location of the vehicle park that is located in the yard of one of the residents, gurgling water can be heard because the atmosphere of this waterfall area is really quiet. To reach the waterfall, tourists need to walk about five minutes through the path. Arriving at Kedung Pengilon, tourists will find a waterfall with height of approximately 10 meters with the bottom of a pond with diameter of 15 meters. The water that flows in Kedung Pengilon is so clear, so that the pool below has a turquoise blue color.


This waterfall is called "Kedung Pengilon", which "kedung" has meaning pond, and "pengilon" has meaning of glass. In addition to the clear water, the color of the pool is so beautiful. This waterfall is also generated from the bottom of the pool of white stone, and its depth of about 5 to 8 meters. The water that flows to Kedung Pengilon comes from a number of springs around the village. The water then flows through the river and finally falls in Kedung Pengilon. The river that flows away from the settlements makes the water so clear and uncontaminated.

Sometimes the water in the Kedung Pengilon Waterfall is very clear as glass. Clean water there makes the activity of watering and swimming be favorite of the visitors. Jumping from a height and gliding freely into the pool are activity of visitors who want to spur the adrenaline and enjoy the fresh waterfall. But for those who can not swim should be careful and must rent tires provided by residents around. If you are reluctant to play water, let's relax while enjoy the beauty of Kedung Pengilon Waterfall.

Location of this waterfall in the middle of the trees makes the atmosphere is so cool and beautiful. This atmosphere also makes every tourist feel at home linger there. In addition to visited by many tourists for vocation, Kedung Pengilon Waterfall is also often visited by people who perform "kebatinan" rituals.

The tourists are free of charge to enjoy the beauty of Kedung Pengilon Waterfall. Each visitor is only charged parking fees of the vehicle that was taken, and for tire rental rates only Rp 3,000. If you are interested to visit this waterfall, you should visit during the rainy season. At that time, the water discharge is big enough, so that the water in the pond is clean, and the scenery is also better.

Article Source: travel.kompas.com