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Banyumas is a district in Central Java that located at the foot of Mount Slamet, the highest mountain in Central Java. Banyumas itself is famous for natural tourism, Baturaden which offers quite complete natural attractions on the slopes of Mount Slamet. If we are observant, actually there are many natural tourism potential on the slopes of Mount Slamet that has not been maximized. Well, apart from that, now in Banyumas, there is a waterfall that begin famous because it has beautiful scenery. Its name is Curug Gomblang ("curug" is Sundanese that has meaning 'waterfall')

Curug Gomblang is one of waterfalls that located on the slopes of Mount Slamet. Although this waterfall is not too high, but the water flow in Curug Gomblang is quite swift with clear water flow. Curug Gomblang is a natural waterfall. This is seen with the thick trees around the waterfall that makes the atmosphere more beautiful. If we see, the shape of Curug Gomblang at a glance is similar to the Tiu Kelep Waterfall in Lombok, only bigger and more swift. Because of the beauty of Curug Gomblang, now this waterfall becomes one of the favorite natural attractions in Banyumas, especially for the young people.

But wait, to be able enjoy the beauty of Curug Gomblang is not easy. From the parking lot, we are required to walk for approximately half an hour with the path. If you have ever been to Curug Lawe in Semarang, surely you can estimate the path, but still it's just lane in Curug Gomblang. During the journey, we will pass through the forest with trees lush enough. Air in the area of this waterfall is quite cool because it is at the foot of Mount Slamet. Although the trip is quite far, but in fact there are still many tourists who visit here.

Before we arrive at the location of the waterfall, we will find a spot photo that is quite popular. In this spot, there is provided a board with name "Selfie Desk" that we can use to take pictures with Curomb Gomblang background. Arriving at the location of the waterfall, we will be greeted with the rush of this beautiful waterfall. Because the water flow is quite heavy, so if you want to bath, enough in the stream only.

Facilities in Curug Gomblang attractions is still roughing, because it is still in the development stage.

Admission Ticket Price of Curug Gomblang Banyumas:
5,000 Rupiah / person

Accommodation (Lodging)
There is no lodging in the vicinity of tourist attractions. So for those of you who want to stay, you can find a hotel in downtown of Purwokerto.

Address: Baseh Village, Kedungbanteng Sub-district, Banyumas Regency, Central Java.
17 Km from downtown of Purwokerto through Jl. Ajibarang-Secang (42 minutes)
(Estimated travel time if there are no constraints)

Route to Curug Gomblang Banyumas
From downtown of Purwokerto, you can go to Jalan Karang Lewas. Arriving at Karang Lewas crossroad streets, you can take the road direction Kedungbanteng (Baturagung tourist direction) until you get to the village of Baseh. When arriving at Baseh Village, please ask the local people about the location of this Curug Gomblang.

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