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    Umbul Sido Mukti, Semarang - Central Java - Indonesia

    Natural beauty of our feet tread once ambushed the courtyard lokawisata Girigahana Sidomukti. Expanse of rice terraces, pine forests, waterfalls, and streams, is breathtaking. Far on the other side looks Cimanggal Twin Hill, Mount Ungaran, and Merbabu. A charming nan natural harmony.

    That's the natural atmosphere in the Village Sidomukti, District Bandungan, Semarang regency, did make visitors feel at home there. Moreover, the natural pool of water in Sidomukti Bannerman, who touted the highest in Indonesia and even Asia, it is always new because it comes from springs in the form of bursts Ngetihan natural water into the air, as high as 1.5 meters from the bottom of the pool.

    Swimming in Bannerman Sidomukti is unique. He lies on the slopes of Mount Ungaran, just on the edge of the ravine and valley-ungup Ungup. We would like at the peak height. And the water that flows throughout the year pennant that the main water source for the natural pool Sidomukti Bannerman. Overflow of the water continues to overflow and flood the area below it into the garden and rice fields.

    The walls of this pool is composed of stacks of natural stone so it looks more environmentally friendly and traditional.

    If we want to Girigahana Sidomukti, about 50 meters after the Jimbaran market, Bandungan (from the direction of Ungaran-Lemahabang), turn to the right, and ride about 3.5 miles. Already many directions to the location. If from Semarang, about 40 kilometers away.

    Tourism Sidomukti not just offer cradle of nature, fresh air, and the beauty of the sky this village, but also challenges visitors to test your nerve. Among the existing valley flying fox installed along the 110 meters and 60 meters with a height of 70 meters.

    Or, want to pursue a marine bridge (rope bridges) along the 60 meters and oscillate over ravine? Wow, certainly the experience of sensational, thrilling, and exciting.

    Other facilities that camping ground or camp site. On an area that visitors can enjoy a night in the wild. In the middle of the night was quiet, crackling wood fire into the music itself is beautiful and warm, to ward off the cold.

    Another natural wonder is still remaining on the slopes of Mount Ungaran. Water flow path in the crystal clear river offers cekungannya sensation. Typically, a group of visitors along the small rivers in the natural lokawisata.

    Bannerman also Sidomukti addition to offering panoramic trekking path to the summit of Mount Ungaran, Cave Japan, and Medini Tea Gardens.

    The number of tourists to the Bannerman Sidomukti provide opportunities for the welfare of village residents lokawisata place is located. Increased revenues can be done by providing homestay in people's homes. Local people also need to be prepared to welcome the guests. Bedroom, living room, and bathrooms must be kept clean for the guests.

    Source: agungpramudya.multiply.com

    photo: idhampando.blogspot.com

    photo by wherysusanto

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