New tourist attraction is always interesting to visit, especially nature tourism. Well in Cianjur, there is a hidden natural attraction that is also worth to visit. Nature tourism is a waterfall that called "Curug Ngebul" (Curug is Sundanese that has meaning of waterfall). The origin of Curug Ngebul's name has two versions. If according to the myth, it was said that there was a princess who bathed under this waterfall and suddenly the princess was bogged down. While the second version was due to the rapid flow of water that caused the emergence of water vapor, so it looked "ngebul" or "smoky".

Curug Ngebul that is located in the south of Cianjur has a very beautiful natural scenery. Curug Ngebul offers a natural atmosphere with a view of the main waterfall between high cliffs. According to locals, Curug Ngebul has a height of about 100 meters. The scenery that offered by Curug Ngebul is very beautiful. In this natural tourism, we not only can see a waterfall between high cliffs, but also there are rice fields that look green.

But this beautiful scenery can not be enjoyed easily. To arrive at the location of Curug Ngebul, first we have to walk through the rice fields with travel time about 1 hour from the parking area. So are you still dare to come here? But calmly, your trip will not be in vain because the fresh water in Curug Ngebul is ready to welcome you. You can invite friends or your soulmate to be more romantic because this natural tourism is also very suitable for you who like a comfortable and quiet atmosphere.

- Gazebo
- Rest area

Price of admission (in 2016):
- Rp. 7,500 / person
- Rp. 5,000 / motor (parking)
* car can not enter

Accommodation (Lodging)
There is no lodging around the tourist attraction of Curug Ngebul. So for those of you who want to stay, you can look for hotels in downtown Cianjur.

Address: Bunijaya Village, Pegalaran District, Cianjur, West Java.
- 49 Km from the center of Cianjur through Jl. Raya Tanggeung (2 hours 28 minutes)
- 40 Km from the center of Pagelaran Sub-district via Jl. Cempaka-Sukanagara (1 hour 34 minutes)
(Estimated travel time if there are no constraints).

Route Towards Curug Ngebul:
To access to Curug Ngebul, visitors can use four-wheeled vehicles, but more advisable if visitors use the motor. From Pagelaran Highway to Bunijaya Village, it takes about 1.5 hours. Then the journey is continued with two-wheeled vehicles about 1 hour, and continued again by walking about 45 minutes.

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