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    Enjoy the Fun of River Tubing in "Kampung Warna-Warni" Katulampa, Bogor

    The village of Katulampa in East Bogor, Bogor City, is not only known for its dams, but there is also a new magnet that is a colorful village (it's called Kampung Warna-warni in Indonesia). Katulampa, a tidal river dam in Ciliwung River, which used to have dense and dull identities, has now transformed into beautiful colors and various frescoes or murals. Since April 2017, Katulampa Village has begun to be visited by tourists. They enjoyed the colors of the village in two ways, namely by walking down the alley or wading through the river using a rubber tire (or so-called river tubing). The children here were most happy to play water with tires, especially now that the river ais now clean and on the edges are engrossed in the colors.

    Since the local residents self-help their village, the river becomes clean automatically. Awareness of the residents do not throw garbage into the river, slowly emerged by itself because the river has become a natural tourist attraction.

    This village is visited by families. Every afternoon, parents bring children to play in rivers where the water is still clean. In the village, there are facilities, such as toilet and changing rooms for public as well as rental of rubber tires for playing river-tubing. Children from the age of 2 - 5 years can bathe safely in light and shallow water currents while playing gravel. While the age of 5 years and over, children can feel more exciting to play more swift currents using rubber tires.

    Access to this colorful village is very easy, only about 5 kilometers from Baranangsiang Terminal in downtown of Bogor. There is an interesting route for visitors through shopping and agro tourism in Tajur Street. Well, just choose, want to shop or play river-tubing first?

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    well. very beautyfull and i want visit

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