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    Free Tour in August and Hunting Sunset in November Only at Plaosan Temple

    Plaosan Temple can be enjoyed for free during this August. Photography lovers can freely hunt sunset in the temple area that is located approximately one kilometer to the northeast of the Sewu Temple or Prambanan Temple. Entrance fee is given by the manager of the temple for free because of the momentum of the 17th of August. If a normal day, visitors must pay Rp 3,000 to enter this temple.

    There is a unique history of this temple. Plaosan Temple is a temple of Hindhu and Buddhist fusion. In the time of the Mataram Kingdom, this temple was built by Hindu Rakai Pikatan to be dedicated to his Buddhist Pramodhawardhani wife. In short, the building of this temple is a symbol of love with two different religious people.

    Many visitors who have set their camera and tripod in front of the body of the temple when they visit at Plaosan Temple. They do not want to miss the sunset. Background of two twin Plaosan Temples with a sky that changes color does invite click amazed. No wonder many visitors who sit and take pictures with the background of the scene. The presence of a marquee that is called "Paseban Candi Kembar" becomes a place to relax enjoying the scenery while eating or drinking. Paseban is built on the village treasury land for tourist purposes. Paseban is increasingly crowded at night, especially if the weekend.

    For visitors who want to capture the momentum of sunset, the manager of temple suggest to come back in November. According to him, the sunset view is getting better at that time. Therefore, the position of the sun will be right between the two temples.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    very good , August and Hunting Sunset in November Only at Plaosan Temple

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