Tourist destination in Lampung is very rich and there are still many places that have not been revealed. One example is Tapak Kera Beach in the village of Kenjuruan, Merak Belantung, Kalianda, South Lampung. This beach is fairly new among the travelers and young people who love the traveling activity, especially in Lampung. Access to the Tapak Kera Beach is still difficult to remember because this beach still does not have a manager, so that the available road is still roughing. But the local youth community empower to provide parking spaces for visitors in one of the plots that are owned by local residents.

The trip route when it's taken from Bandar Lampung takes about 2 hours more. Visitors can point vehicle towards Kalianda. When arriving at T-junction Kalianda Resort, then visitors can do turn right and follow the asphalt road to marina beach. Arriving at the junction of Dusun Kenjuruan, there is a mosque to the left and the road from the land to the Blue Sea Equator (BLK) factory. Visitors can enter and straight course follow the dirt road about 300 meters to meet the path. Well here visitors have to park the vehicle because the road is only passable on foot.

To reach the Tapak Kera Beach, visitors must walk for 10-15 minutes down the hill of corn farms that are owned by local residents. Follow the path up and down the hill to meet the hidden Tapak Kera Beach. Journey will be a bit slippery and muddy if previously the route was flushed by rain water. Because along the journey, there are several points that the road is flooded from the spring water swamp. The journey to the Tapak Kera Beach requires considerable preparation and supplies because the road which visitors go through is not easy.

But fatigue will be paid when visitors can arrive at this destination. The scenery of beach presents blue sea water with a stretch of white sand and clear water. The waves are not too big at low tide and the blowing wind is soothing after taking the journey that has been passed. Background of strong rock cliffs that is sturdy to form a small island on the edge of the beach increasingly adds aesthetic value.

This beach is perfect for the photo spot, even for pre-wedding photo shoot, because the interesting and iconic sides of the Tapak Apera Beach is still natural. The rocks on this coast form a small island and the walls. Taking pictures in Tapak Kera Beach is no less cool with spot photographs like in Raja Ampat, Lombok or Bali. Coral on this beach is also indirectly establish their own natural pool if the sea water is receding.

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