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    Leuwi Jurig - The Hidden Beauty of Nature Tourism in Garut

    Perhaps the city of Garut is still less popular with Bandung or Bogor as a favorite destination in West Java. Whereas in Garut, there are also many cool sights that very dear to miss. Speaking of a cool tourist spot in Garut, there is a new tourist attraction that is quite captivating tourists. The place is called Leuwi Jurig. Leuwi Jurig is a river flow that flanked by large cliffs on each side, making the scene at Leuwi Jurig is quite unique because we feel like we are abroad.

    Not just the river flow, the water in Leuwi Jurig is fairly clear, even sometimes it can be blue like seawater, especially if you visit in the dry season. The scene is briefly similar to Shanghyang Heuleut in Bandung when it was first discovered. The river at Leuwi Jurig has a length of approximately 500 meters. In addition to clear, the river in Leuwi Jurig is also fairly shallow, so Leuwi Jurig is safe for you who want to swim there. But you still have to be careful because the rocks are quite slippery.

    Leuwi Jurig is increasingly popular after the cool photographs of this tourism are widespread in social media. Therefore, Garut Regency Government is interested to inaugurate Leuwi Jurig become one of the leading tourist in Garut. But, its location is far from the city that making access to the location is quite difficult. However, the beauty of Leuwi Jurig still keeps many curious tourists, especially for photography lovers.

    Facilities at this tourist spot are still roughing because Leuwi Jurig is still spelled out not official tourist spot. Ticket price of Leuwi Jurig is free, aka just pay for parking only. But access to Leuwi Jurig is quite difficult. First, you must head towards Bojong Village, Bungbulang District or towards Sasak Rumpit (Leuwi Jurig is located not far from Sasak Rumpit). Once there, please ask the local people because there is no road guide yet. After arriving at Bungbulang District, you stay towards the Cirompang Bungbulang PLTMH. Leuwi Jurig's location is not far from the first bridge.

    The best time to visit Leuwi Jurig is in the morning and in the dry season. To get this sights, it is advisable to use private vehicles, especially motorcycles. Leuwi Jurig itself is a Sundanese word that has meaning "Satan Pool". Although its name is quite scary, but this is the opposite of the view of this tourist spot. So, what do you dare to come here?

    Article Source: www.brobali.com
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