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    Feel The Pleasure of Hot Water Bath in Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort

    Travel to Bandung in the holiday season can not be separated from the condition stuck in traffic. If the body starts to stiff and fatigue, vacationing in hot water baths could be a solution to refresh the body back. One of the hot springs that can be visited in Bandung is Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort. Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort is located at Maribaya Street 105/212 Lembang, Bandung. This This hot water bath is flooded with two hot springs through two waterfalls namely Cikawari and Cigulung. So, all the hot waters here are natural from these two waterfalls.

    There are various types of pools that visitors can choose from public pools to private pools, also from foot pools to wading pools. For pool foot or public foot spa, visitors will be charged 30,000 Rupiah every person. Alternatively, visitors can try VIP Pool which consist of foot spa with japan theme and private wading pool. For children, there is also Kid's Club with variety of children's games. But every child must pay 10.000 Rupiah. Children can also play in the fishing pond while the parents are fishing in the pool next to it.

    Beyond that, visitors can also take pictures in the range of photo spots provided, such as the "Sky Bridgedan" bridge entrance. If the night, the atmosphere in this place is better because the lights are on. If visiting Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort, visitors need to pay entrance fee of 35,000 Rupiah per person. This cost is beyond the entrance ticket of every vehicle inside. If visitors choose some packages such as Foot Spa and VIP Pool, the costs of these packages are included snacks and lunches.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com
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    harga nya gak di informasikan gan?

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    harga nya gak di informasikan gan??????

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