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    Tlogo Coffee Plantation, Salatiga - Central Java - Indonesia

    The plantation was originally started by a Dutch company, NV Cultuur Matschappy in 1838 to grow cocoa. Its first chief planter was a Mr.Van Drill who later lived with his family in the Pendopo plantation house . The original Pendopo was damaged during the eruption of Mount Merapi in 1872 and was rebuilt in its present solid form in 1901 The last Dutch plantation administrator was a Mr. Van Baasgeul, who took the Indonesian name of Budiman on marrying an Indonesian. Budiman, a successful and popular man spent his remaining days nearby the plantation until 1964. Budiman life at the plantation then are now on show in Viva’s Suite for all to see. In August 1954 the plantation was taken over by the new Indonesian government and is now owned by the government of Central Java who later added resort facilities. Over the years cocoa prices dropped in world markets and so the plantation was re-planted. Presently of the 414 hectares (1023 acres) area of the plantation 233 ha is of rubber, 97 ha of coffee, 64 ha of cloves and 20ha of nutmeg and cinnamon. Rubber is still processed for export in buildings adjacent to the resort for all visitors to see and visit. The local tea harvest is picked in August and September.

    The Tlogo resort itself is surrounded by plantations which rise up to Gunung Rong, the mountain behind. The whole area is at between 400-675 meters (1312-2214 feet) above sea level and so is blessed with cool fresh clean air all year round. The vegetation is rich and wondrous as is the bird and wildlife. Tropical fruits grow locally in abundance with bananas, avocado, rambutan, mango, durian, oranges, sawo and guava growing in the resort’s gardens around the cottages where teak, kapok (cotton) and coconut trees also grow.

    There are plenty of things to do at and around the Tlogo Plantation for everybody, the youngthe elderly, the active, and those seeking quieter and more peaceful activities.

    The coffee and rubber plantations behind the resort rise up to Mount Rong behind and has fascinating hiking trails. A jeep trip up to the mountain top can be arranged depending on the weather. Always available is the short morning tour of the rubber factory operation adjacent to the resort.Outward-bound (outbond) and team building activities can be arranged on the upper camping site which has new toilet facilities. A Flying Fox is available for the adventurous within the resort complex.A large adult swimming pool and children’s pool is within the resort gardens. At weekend playful goats and rabbits roam free in the garden lawns near the various goldfish ponds. Our very own splendid peacock, named Jim, has its home near the pool. For children there are plenty of safe garden lawns to play in and around. There is a billiards, ping pong and new childrens’ playground area planned as well as a pub area. We have DVDs and karaoke equipment for rent as well as a small English library.

    Source: tlogoplantationresort.com

    photo by Tony FJ

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