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    Lampon Beach - Beautiful and Romantic Beach in Kebumen

    Kebumen has row of beautiful and popular beaches, as well as the beaches are certainly quite crowded by tourists. Well, for you who are looking for a beautiful beach tourism in Kebumen, there is one beach that is interesting enough for us to visit. Its name is Lampon Beach. This beach is quite hidden because it is among the big cliffs. However, the beach that is located in Ayah District has beautiful scenery. Lampon Beach has the characteristics of a small beach like a bay that is surrounded by karst hills.

    Coastline of Lampon Beach is not too long, but it is precisely of this tourist attraction. Lampon Beach has blackish brown sand with turquoise sea water. This beach that has a coastline along approximately 100 meters offers an unspoiled view and atmosphere. In the area of ​​Lampon Beach, we can find a lot of coconut trees and other trees neatly that are arranged from the bottom of the hill to the peak, making the view on this beach more beautiful. The waves at Lampon Beach are also not too big because it is split by the rocks in the middle of the beach, so it is suitable for swimming.

    Lampon Beach is like a "new paradise" in Kebumen that suddenly popular after the emergence of cool photos from the social media. In addition, Lampon Beach which is located next to Sand Beach also makes it quickly popular. Well, when you visit this Kebumen tourist attractions, after you are satisfied or before playing water on the beach, try to ride on the hills next to the beach. From the top of the hill, you can see the beautiful nature around Lampon Beach from a height. On top of these hills, there is also a cave named Wara Wiri. Location around Wara Wiri Cave is usually used as a place to hang out by tourists because it is a strategic place, where we can see the sea off.

    In addition, for those of you who are looking for romantic toursm in Kebumen, Lampon Beach can be one of your destination. However, before we get to Lampon Beach, we have to climb and down the hill first with travel time approximately 15 minutes. Actually, there are two choices of paths, firstly by descending the cliff directly (main line), while the second line with the first cliff. If we choose the second line, it will be quite long than the first line, but in this second line we also can see the Beach Sand from the top of the cliff.

    Due to the increasing popularity of Lampon Beach, now it has built some supporting facilities as photo spots. Not only photo spot, now in Lampon Beach also has a Flying Fox that will take you jumping from the cliff to the cliff next to it, as well as we can accelerate adrenaline while it's accompanied by beautiful natural Lampon Beach. For your information, tourists usually come when the afternoon, because in addition to the sun is not too hot, the sunset at Lampon Beach is also beautiful, then we can see the sunset behind the karst hills around the beach.

    Ticket Price of Lampon Beach:
    Rp. 5,000 / person

    Address: Pasir Village, Ayah District, Kebumen, Central Java.
    *36 Km from Kebumen district via Jl. Puring-Land (1 hour 9 minutes with estimated travel time is no constraints)

    The Route to Lampon Beach:

    From downtown of Kebumen, you just follow the route to Karang Bolong Beach and Ayah Beach (Logending Beach) only (Suwuk Beach Road-Menganti), or you can follow the route below:
    Kebumen City - Petanahan Beach - Suwuk Beach - Karang Bolong Beach - direction Logending Beach (Ayah Beach)

    After passing Karangbolong Beach (about 5 minutes), you will find a junction of magnificent mosque on the roadside. At the T-junction there is a signpost for the road to TPI (Fish Auction Site) Pasir Beach, follow the instructions (turn left at the junction) until you get to TPI Pasir Beach. You can leave the vehicle in the TPI area and continue the journey to Lampon Beach on foot.

    Article Source: www.brobali.com

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