Nusa Tenggara Island does save a million natural beauty that we shouldn't miss. One of the natural beauty tourism in East Nusa Tenggara is Weekuri Lake, a lake with a view of water as clear as glass. Weekuri Lake is located in the Kalenarogo Village, District of North Kodi, Southwest Sumba. Weekuri Lake is like a lagoon that surrounded by rocks and large cliffs. This lake is famous for having a very fascinating scenery. If we see it from a height, then we can know if Wekuri Lake has very clear water.

Water in Lake Weekuri is brackish water (salty) because this lake is located right beside the sea that only separated by cliffs alone. So in this lake, we are presented two natural scenery at once, the lake and the sea. Water in Weekuri Lake has turquoise color. Even so clear, we can see the sand at the bottom of the lake you know. Moreover, this lake is not too deep, so this lake is very suitable for swimming even though you can not swim.

The best time to visit Weekuri Lake is when the dry season, more precisely in the morning and afternoon with sunny weather. However, the facilities are still minimal make the obstacle for tourists who want to come here. Even so in fact still not a few tourists who desperate to come The Weekuri Lake to see the beauty.

Access to Weekuri Lake can be considered a bit difficult. First, you should go to Tambolaka first. From Tambolaka, you can continue the journey to Weekuri Lake with an estimated time of approximately 2 hours drive by private vehicle, because there is no public transport available to serve that route. Therefore, the traveler is advised to use a private vehicle or rent a car / motorcycle with the driver. The distance between the city center and the lake is about 38 km from the center of Southwest Sumba District (1 hour 24 minutes).

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