Sturdy walls of Muria Mountain is seemed to welcome the arrival for anyone who visit Ternadi Village, Dawe District, Kudus, Central Java. The village is located on the slopes of Muria Mountain that presents an impressive panorama to every visitor. Distance from the center of the Kudus City is about 18 kilometers. To get there, it takes about 30 minutes from downtown. Ternadi Village where most residents work as coffee farmer is increasingly crowded by local and foreign tourists. The arrival of tourists to visit the viewing post of Ternadi Hill. But don't be surprised, the steep and uphill terrain will be found in the last two kilometers to the this viewing post.

Upon arriving at the hill, all exhaustion will be paid upon seeing the cluster of hills on the slopes of Muria Mountain. Green and sturdiness of Muria Mountain is the main attraction. On the Kakas Hill, citizens call, that's where the location of this viewing post. To the north, the green of Muria Mountain is presented. To the south the panorama of Kudus City from the heights lay like a tapestry. Made of bamboo, The Viewing Post of Ternadi Hill has height of about two meters.

Since the last six months, The Viewing Post of Ternadi Hill has been filled with tourists. The entrance fee for visiting Ternadi Hill is just about 5,000 Rupiah per person.

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