Sigandu Beach is one of the tourist attractions that located in the village of Kidung Lor, Batang District, Central Java. Sigandu Beach in Batang, Central Java is a bustling tourist spot with many tourists on weekdays and holidays. This place is very beautiful and this beach can provide a different sensation with daily activities. Sigandu Beach is only about 4 km from Batang Square or 2 km north of Batang Town. In addition to the beach, around the area, there is also a Safari Park with name "Batang Dolphins Center". In this place, tourist can play with dolphin.

The facilities of this beach tourism are also quite complete. In addition to enjoying a clean beach atmosphere and fun on this beach, we can also see the activities of fishermen who live around this beach when doing fish auctions. In this beach, there is also a dock where the fishing boats are docked. The best time to come Sigandu Beach is in the afternoon, because we can see the beautiful sunset scenery.

Batang Dolphins Center is a breeding place as well as a tourist object. Visitors will see the attractions of the dolphins that are managed by Taman Safari Indonesia in the area of ​​Sigandu Beach. Batang Dolphins Center has a ship-like building when it's viewed from the front. Although it's not as big as the Indonesian safari park in Bogor and Bali, Batang Dolphins Center also has a collection of other animals, such as sister birds, turtles, snakes, and much more. All of these animals that you can see in a large enclosure are fenced by glass.

The Batang Dolphins Center has grown dolphins, llamas, gnu, emmu and even some animals that have successfully breed and have children. Batang Dolphins Center also offers Camel riding with tariff about 10,000 Rupiah per person, and for horseback riding, the tariff is also 10,000 Rupiah. Besides on that, visitors can also take pictures with orang utans and some birds, as well as other wildlife.

One of the facilities that contained in the Batang Dolphins Center is dolphin pools. There is also dolphin show that only performed at certain hours. If visitors come when there is no show, visitors can still see the dolphins from the side of the pool. Approximately 30 minutes, the show took place. The dolphin show not only amazes the audience with the attractions of dolphins, but also the attractions of other animals such as birds and dogs. On the sidelines of the show, the show host conveys information that can add knowledge about the dolphins. Visitors can also take photo with the dolphins after the show was over.

For admission to Sigadung Beach is only 5,000 Rupiah, while entrance ticket to Batang Dolphins Center is about 25,000 Rupiah. Come and enjoy the typical northern sea only in Sigadung Beach.

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