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Thread: Maimun palace

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    Maimun palace

    Each city usually has an icon which is a marker of pride its people. Well, in Medan Maimun Palace, also known Maimun Palace is an icon once the pride of the city and residents of Medan. The Palace is located at Jalan Brig Katamso, Talbot Village, District of Medan.

    Maimun Palace has an area of 2,772 m 2 and 30, this room is the main objective of tourists visiting the city of Medan, North Sumatra. The architecture is dominated yellow which is the color typical Malay.

    more ==>> http://bit.ly/2ttXQw4

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    Woww, So nice. Royal space
    I am cool, lol

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    This palace looks unique with blue and yellow. I wisH I could come here to visit it.
    rolling sky

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