Gebang Hill Top is in the village of Bawuran, Pleret, Bantul. Located 16 km from the center of Yogyakarta, you can take 30 minutes to the location by riding car or motorcycle. You can pass away to Imogori Timur or Pleret if you want to go Bawuran Village. A number of signposts that are inscribed Gebang Hill Top will be found when it has approached the destination. To help with navigation, you can use the Google Maps app. Just type "Puncak Gebang" or "Gebang Peak", it instantly will appear directions to get there. But keep in mind when heading to the location, you will go up the uphill road when arriving at this tourism. And for your information, the condition of road has not been too smooth.

So what is offered Gebang Hill Top? Of course the natural landscape that fascinates the eyes. While on the way to Puncak Gebang, you have been treated to the green rice fields on the right and left of the road, as well as greeted the trees as if in the forest. Shortly to the location, the sign of "Puncak Gebang" that is painted with gold color will directly say "hello" to us. When turning your eyes to the back, the green stretch immediately spoil the eye.

From the edge of the guardrail, you can see the expanse of green rice fields as well as the houses that blend with the trees. If not covered with fog and clouds, the view of Mount Merapi and Sindoro can be seen directly in Gebang Hill Top. To be sure, we are satisfied with the beautiful landscape that is suitable for taking selfie or family photo background. In the afternoon, it becomes the most beautiful time to visit Gebang Hill Top. If sunny, you can see the beauty of the sunset. When the evening comes, you will see the lights that burn like stars in the sky.

To enjoy the beauty at Gebang Hill Top, visitors are free of charge. But there is provided a contribution box to help the management of these two areas in order to stay safe. At Gebang Hill Top, there is a gazebo to rest. Because the number is limited, you can sit in the floor with mats that can be borrowed in the shop there. But it's good to bring your own, so no need to fight with other visitors. If you are hungry, some traders sell food and soft drinks, such as instant noodles, meatballs and others. In this tourism area, there is also available public toilets if you want to urinate.

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