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    Mudal River Park - Tourism Area of ​​Clear River with Beautiful Garden in Yogyakarta

    Mudal River Park is located in Banyugati, Jatimulyo, Girimulyo, Kulonprogo Regency, DI Yogyakarta. One of the managers of the Mudal River Park said that this tourism area was created because there was a routine movement from the village community to clean the surrounding river. Initially, the location of this tourism was formed because the community once around routinely held mutual cooperation to clean up the rivers and springs around the region. Since the activity, the rivers and the springs around it were beautiful and clean with no garbage. Then came the idea of ​​community leaders to make the location a tourist destination in the form of a river park. The aim of this river park is maintaining the hygiene and preservation of nature around the river.

    The beauty of Mudal River Park is undoubtedly. Waterfall with clear natural pools, cool air, and green landscaping are very indulgent to the eye. Entering the tourism area of ​​Mudal River Park, you will be presented with panoramic waterfalls that are storied. The shape of the flow of water is also vary. Moss grows thick around rocks. If the dry season, the green moss will grow bushy in the rock around the flow of waterfalls, because the moss needs only a little water and a damp place to live.

    Around the tourist place, there are many small waterfalls that also contain a natural pool in the vicinity. To reach the park and see the source of the Mudal River, you have to walk through an uphill path. But you do not have to fear the difficulty of going through the terrain. The staircases have been built with cast cement that make it easy for your trip.
    The staircases are on the edge of the waterfalls, so you can enjoy the fresh water during the trip that complete with bamboo fence to keep visitors safe.

    This tourism area is called the River Park because you can also enjoy the beauty of the park at the location, complete with various types of ornamental plants. Just below the Mudal River basin, there is also a natural pool with very clear water. You can see the rocks at the bottom of the natural pool. In the past, according to local people's stories, in the water (natural pond) are often used by residents to bathe and take water using klenting (place of clay).

    Entering the location of Mudal River Park Ecotourism, you will be charged entrance fee of 4,000 Rupiah per person. Parking of two-wheeled vehicles will be charged of 2,000 Rupiah, and 5,000 Rupiah for four-wheeled vehicles. To get the location of Mudal River Park is not complicated. From the city of Yogyakarta, you can go through Godean Street. Then follow the path to Kulonprogo, and continue the journey up to the Kenteng intersection. Follow the path to get to Girimulyo. From the sub-district, you will be guided by a signpost to various tourist sites one of Mudal River Park. You just follow the signboards of the tourist sites to the Mudal River or ask the people around.

    Article Source: http://travel.kompas.com/ , http://jogja.tribunnews.com/

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