The people of North Aceh District, Bireueun, Bener Meriah, Lhokseumawe, and Central Aceh District often visit the Salak Mountain tourism area that is located at Kilometer 31, Nisam Antara District, North Aceh. Located in the hilly area between North Aceh Regency and Bener Meriah Regency, beautiful natural scenery makes this new tourism object become the center of attention of society. Moreover, a number of residents there put some colorful umbrellas at the top of the trees.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the community, The Department of Youth, Sports and Tourism of North Aceh will fix these attractions with the concept of fixed reference to sharia-based tourism. As an unfinished tourist attraction with adequate facilities, the Department of Youth, Sports and Tourism of North Aceh give an appeal to the visitors to remain cautious. Moreover, the access road to the location is a bit extreme. Because the road conditions are so small and many turns on the edge of the mountains, the administrator of Salak Mountain tourism area expect visitors to be careful and not reckless in the way when heading there.

To get the Salak Mountain tourism area, you can go to Simpang Kertas Kraf Aceh, then go straight up to Kilometer 31. If you see some colorful umbrellas that are hanging on a tree, there is a tourist attraction of "Mount Salak" that is named by the local community.

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