The sauna bath at Kamojang Crater is very enjoyable activity to enjoy the holidays. This crater is located in the Sukalaksana Village, Ibun District, Bandung Regency, West Java. By paying only 7,500 Rupiah per person, you can take a natural sauna from steams that come out of the ground in the Kamojang Crater area. In addition, you can also enjoy a meal with family on the edge of Kamojang forest and see the crater of the train which is a former geothermal wells that have been unused with its distinctive sound.

Steam bath in Kamojang Crater is very comfortable and making body feel light because of all sweat out. A natural sauna bath in Kamojang Crater is different from the sauna bath in the spa. The heat from the steam crater can make the sweat out well, because the skin pores can open by the heat of the steam crater. Due to the cool atmosphere of Bandung area, so bath suana can also warm the body well, so more fresh out when going out of the sauna.

The air of Kamojang forest is very fresh. Kamojang forest area itself is very convenient to be a family gathering place while bringing food and eating together. Managers of these tourist destinations seem to deliberately provide the fields with fresh green grass. Many people bring lunch with family here because the place is suitable for family relaxed activities.

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