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    Guci Nature Tourism, Tegal - Central Java - Indonesia

    Guci is located at the foot of Mount Slamet the north with an altitude of approximately 1050 meters. From the city Slawi 30 km away from the town of Tegal, while the travel distance of about 40 km to the south. This tourism object precisely in the village district urn Bumijawa of the most southern district in Tegal regency.

    There are about 10 waterfalls located in Guci. In the top 13 public bath shower, there are waterfalls with cold water waterfall named a firearm. So named because once the water around the 15-meter-high waterfall that was owned by a village chief called Lurah firearm. To get around in some tourist attraction can be done by renting a horse with rental rates are relatively cheap.

    The facilities available include lodging (up to class five-star jasmine), forest tourism (ecotourism), heated swimming pool, tennis court, soccer field, and the campsite.

    This place is crowded visited by tourists because of the guaranteed pemandiannya seger banget. Water is released in the spring is warm water, although containing sulfur but not foul-smelling and colorful.

    In the vicinity of the baths have hotels Vases Garden Hotel and some Villa which can be rented with a fairly complete facilities. The price is relatively not too expensive, the standard for rental villa units.

    Source: tourismplacesindonesia.blogspot.com

    photo: alamrayapermai.blogspot.com

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    Guci waterfall is one of awesome place in central java. You should come here to feel the different excitement, where warm water and cool water in the same place. wanna try?

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