Oesapa Beach that located in Oesapa Sub-District, Kelapa Lima District, Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is very exotic. It is located about 10 kilometers from Kupang City Center. To get the location of this beach is not difficult, because it can be reached by using all types of vehicles. The distance from the East Timor protocol road to Oesapa Beach is approximately 500 meters. While on the beach, everyone who visit will feel at home because Oesapa Beach has beautiful scenery with beautiful white sand.

In Oesapa Beach, there are many small gazebos and also dozens of merchants that are crammed along the beach while ling variety of culinary, such as roasted corn, flat bananas, hot and cold drinks, complete with musical and karaoke entertainment. The activities of the residents and tourists in Oesapa Beach don't only take place in the afternoon, but it could be until midnight, even in the early morning on Sunday night. The merchants sell food and drinks until 23:00 pm, while residents who open the karaoke can be up to dawn.

Oesapa Beach may be the only open space in Kupang City, so every day, especially in the afternoon, it will be crowded by hundreds of citizens and tourists. There are people who just eat, drink, hear music and enjoy the sunset, even play soccer. The beauty of Oesapa Beach is an attraction because of the background of thousands of palm trees that stand firmly along the coast. Near Oesapa Beach, there are two other beaches with name "Batu Nona" and "Lasiana". But now, residents would prefer to visit the Oesapa Beach because in addition to way to the beach is more quickly and easily, there are also not charged entry fee. Residents can entrance Oesapa Beach free.

Many tourists confess almost daily with their families visiting the region. In addition to enjoy the beauty of the beach, tourists can also shop for the needs of the kitchen, because on the beach there is also a traditional market that sells various kinds of daily needs. Oesapa Beach is the best tourist attraction, cheap and easy to reach. Here the tourists can enjoy the sunset while hear music and eat the delicious roasted corn.

Article Source: travel.kompas.com