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    Pentulu Indah Hill, Central Java

    If you love to enjoy the beautiful nature and are in the province of Central Java, you can try to visit Kebumen Regency. The regency is known to have a lot of attractive natural tourism, especially the beaches. Even though Kebumen regency is popular with its beaches, today we’ll introduce you to another attraction in this area namely Bukit Pentulu Indah or the Pentulu Indah Hills. Bukit Pentule Indah or known among local people as Bukit PI or the PI Hill, offers a very beautiful Kebumen scenic view. The hill is the best spot to enjoy a perfect sunrise with the twin peak of Sumbing Sindoro as the background. Bukit Pentulu Indah lies approximately around 300 meters above the sea level. Not as high as the usual spot to enjoy sunrise, the hill still offers a spectacular scenery. When the sun is about to rise, and when the weather is clear, you’ll be able to see the views of the forest in the Valley of the Luk Ulo River covered by thin mists. The peak of Bukit Pentulu Indah is spacious enough for the visitors to pitch a tent and camp out there. Bukit Pentulu Indah is a perfect place to relax. Besides the beautiful scenery, the place is very easy to access too. If you come from the Kebumen main square (Alun-alun), then take the direction towards Mertokondo market, all you need to do is to follow the signs towards Pentulu Bukit Indah. If you arrive at Bukit Pentulu Indah, you’ll find the pine forest area. To climb to the top of the hill, the terrain is not difficult and the track is short. However, it’s going to be a little difficult for those who never exercise. To be able to enjoy the beauty of Bukit Pentulu Indah which is located in the Paras mountains, exactly in the Dukuh Dakah, Karangsambung District, Kebumen Regency, Central Java Province, you have to cover around 21 kms from the city of Kebumen. It will take around 35 minutes and it will only cost you less than Rp. 10,000 to be able to explore the whole locations of the Bukit pendulu Indah. In the peak of the hill, there is also a viewing post which becomes the favorite spot for the young visitors to take pictures.

    Source: http://www.en.voi.co.id/voi-indonesian-wonder
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