Looking for "Teletubbies Hill" does not have to be in the wild. The proof, in the middle of Bandung, tourists can take pictures on the "Teletubbies Hill". There are two hilly parks that can be used as photo spots in Bandung City Government Building. This place is named "Teletubies Park" because the park is hilly and similar to the park in the children's series Teletubbies. The series is played by the characters Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, and Po. These four dolls spend a lot of time in the green hills. The children's series can get closer in memory if we are in Teletubbies Park.

In the park, there are several steps or a small hill that is approximately one meter high. There is also a one meter wide footpath for tourists to circle the hills. There, there are several green hills with a height of about 1 meter. There is also a 1 meter wide path that allows people to walk around the hills. Teletubbies Park is overgrown with several kinds of ornamental plants, including Maniltoa gamnifora, Phoenix roebellenii, and red buds. Seeds of plants are obtained from Lembang.

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