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    Mbah Jawer - Beautiful and Exotic Water Village in Purwakarta

    Have you ever imagined having a beautiful house in a lake surrounded by tropical forest? If ever, your imagine will soon be found in Mbah Jawer Water Village, Purwakarta, West Java. This water village is precisely located in Parang Gombong, Sukasari District. Mbah Jawer Water Village will be built in Jatiluhur Lake with 40 floating homes in the form of resorts along the lake. The resort will be directly overlook the lake and surrounded by tropical forests. Not far from the place, there are traditional market and culinary center. However, to achieve it, visitors must use the boat. The concept of this water village is a traditional culinary market in the middle of the lake with an area of ​​about 3,000 m2. The resort will be rented out to tourists. In order to feel at home, there is no special service there. Visitors will feel at home. They take a walk to traditional markets, cook, or taste the food in the culinary market.

    The name of "Mbah Jawer" is taken from the legend of the people in Jatiluhur. According to the story that developed in the community, there was used to be a baby who has a jawer (like a chicken) in his head. Because of embarrassment and worry of jawer in the child's head was getting bigger, his parents threw the baby. The baby was washed away and the body was not found. People believe, this baby has changed into a form "Mbah Jawer", a Jatiluhur guardian. According to the story, anyone who wantsto fish in Jatiluhur must ask permission to "Mbah Jawer". If not, then the fish catch is not good.

    In the Mbah Jawer Water Village, visitors will get variety of daily needs, such as vegetables, meat, spices, and others. However, visitors who want to instantly taste the food can come visit the culinary center in addition to the traditional market. There are various of Purwakarta and Indonesian specialties in this culinary center. Some traditional culinary menus are grilled fish, chicken, surabi, fried cassava, opak, rangginang, and simping. In addition to typical Indonesian food, this traditional market serves western and Asian cuisine. However, the provision of food depend on market demand. Visitors can also enjoy the original coffee of Purwakarta in the middle of the lake and the beauty of Jatiluhur Lake.

    Mbah Jawer Water Village is included as part of the special tourist zone in Sukasari. This special zone was built after the Purwakarta Regent built a road from Cikaobandung Jatiluhur across Sukasari to Mount Karung in Maniis Subdistrict. Mbah Jawer Water Village can boost tourism of Purwakarta. Not only domestic tourists, but also foreign tourists. Moreover, there are currently tourists from Germany and some other countries that have often visited Purwakarta.

    Article Source: http://travel.kompas.com/

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    nice information, cause i haven,t heard that before

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    Great info...
    Same like @jatislh, never hear before
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