Dago Dreampark that located in Dago Giri area, West Bandung regency, West Java, has been opened since January 26, 2017. The first time opening, Dago Dreampark has just finished 70 percent. But tourists, from local and out of town, come make shortness of the new tourist attractions. From the gate of Dago Dreampark, tourists will be treated pine forests that are pamper the eyes. This playground occupies an area of ​​11.5 hectares, and it is filled by 15 rides games for families. On weekend, at least 2,300 people visit the resort per day. With admission tickets only 20.000 Rupiah, no wonder if many people enjoy their holiday in Dago Dreampark.

Dago Dreampark is divided into two areas, namely the top and bottom. The top area is dominated by children's playgrounds, such as feeding rabbits and goats, ATV-drawn carriages, ball showers, bicycle tracks, hammocks and archery. Meanwhile, the bottom playgrounds include riding, kora-kora, fishing, flying fox, boat, ATV, and antigravity.

Going a little down from the parking lot, tourists can see four hammocks that are mounted multilevel on a pair of pine trees. To enjoy it, every visitor is assisted by professional officers, so that security is guaranteed. Hammock rides can be enjoyed with admission of 20,000 Rupiah. Once up, tourists can relax enjoy the scenery and take pictures for 15 minutes. Going down again, there is a labyrinth that is made on a cliff. The labyrinth here is also called the ladder snake because its wings are elongated. There are a path and uphill like a ladder snake and spin upward. In the middle of the labyrinth, it is a slide like a ladder snake, up and down.

To get around all of these playgrounds, tourists are facilitated by the presence of four special buses with different models. The bus takes visitors around every corner of Dago Dreampark. There are two bus stops at the top and bottom. Vehicles that are named with "Wara-wiri" bus can not be mounted in any place.

Tourists are encouraged to visit on weekdays in order to be comfortable and not too many people. Each playground can be enjoyed with admission of 20,000 Rupiah to 35,000 Rupiah. In the future, there will be many facilities that tourists can enjoy, such as hotels, cottages, aquariums, bird parks, and other facilities.

Article Source: travel.kompas.com