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    The Lodge Maribaya - Natural Tourist Destination with Favorite Photo Spots

    The Lodge Maribaya is a natural tourist destination that located in Maribaya, West Bandung regency, West Java. This is one of the "modern and contemporary" attractions, especially among the group of millennials. This natural place is called the present moment because its main attraction is the mountain landscape, so it is very instagenic. Moreover, there are two main photo spots at this lodge, Sky Tree and Mountain Swing. For visitors who want to take pictures in Sky Tree or Mountain Swing, visitors are charged 15.000 Rupiah. Meanwhile, for visitors who do not bring the camera can request photos photographer shots with additional cost at a rate of 10,000 Rupiah.

    The hillside that setting for the scenery of The Lodge stretches to Bojongkoneng area in Bandung City, to Cimenyan in Bandung regency. The valley between the hill and the cliff of The Lodge is flowed by Cikapundung River. The water of this river are clear, because this upper river is not located far away.

    For visitors who want to challenge the adrenaline, you can try Zip Bike. It is cycling over an iron mine. Meanwhile, if you want to try Zip Bike, you are charged entrance ticket with price about 20.000 Rupiah.

    The entrance ticket of Lodge Maribaya on weekend is 25,000 Rupiah per person, while on weekdays is just about 15,000 Rupiah. In the Lodge Maribaya, there are also restaurants and cafes that selling a variety of market dishes such as cilok, surabi, bakso tahu, lotek, until Sundanese cuisine complete with side dishes.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    wow wanna nice adventure for collage student

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    Wow... beautyful place
    i like that

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