The park is not only fun to be a playground area. Park can be a place for doing sport to keep the body healthy and fit. One of the parks that support someone to move more active is Gesit Park that located on Dipatiukur Street, Bandung, West Java. Head of Bandung Funeral and Garden Service, Arief Prasetya, said that Gesit Park has been now not only a green open space that bring beneficial to the environment, but it has been also public health. This park has an area of ​​about 320 m2. This park had been previously an ordinary garden that located near the area of ​​Car Free Day in Bandung.

As the name implies, Gesit Park will be equipped with facilities that support someone to move actively, such as Monkey Bar, Incline Board, and Spider Web. This park can be a place for community after car free day, because it will be equipped with bicycle parking. Facilities in this park is very supportive for visitors to move more active and agile, so that activities in this park can support a healthy lifestyle.

Gesit Park adds a row of parks in Bandung which have themes, such as Film Park, Jomblo Park, and Photography Park. Nutrifood also provides organic and non organic waste bins for some thematic parks with a theme-based shape. Until now, Bandung has 604 parks. However, the park is active or visited there are 34 parks. A total of 13 of them have themes.

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