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    Pursuing The Exotic Dusk at Pok Tunggal Beach, Gunungkidul

    Pok Tunggal Beach is quite popular among other rows of beaches in Gunungkidul Regency, DI Yogyakarta. Pok Tunggal Beach is located in the Tepus Village, District of Tepus. This beach has a charming stretch of white sand and nature. The name "Pok Tunggal" is taken from a tree that lives on the beach. The name of the tree is Duras. Agus as the manager of the beach said that Duras tree that grow on Pok Pok Tunggal had only one fruit. He also said that the tree became one of these beach icons, because it is rare that Duras tree could grow around the coast. Therefore, coast guards here and visitors must maintain and care for the tree in order to keep looking fertile and beautiful.

    One of the best moments to enjoy the Pok Tunggal Beach is at sunset. You can enjoy the dark atmosphere with orange sky while watching the activities of residents in the afternoon. Young coconut ice becomes a suitable companion to enjoy the sunset. To the west of the shore, you can see the fishermen who begin to descend to go to sea. When the sun has started to set, the fishermen usually start getting ready to go to sea at night. If the tools are ready, the fishermen go fishing first in this place, before going to the boat to the sea.

    You only need to pay 9,500 Rupiah to enter this beach. Parking tariff of two-wheeled vehicles is charged 2,000 Rupiah, while parking tariff of the four-wheel tariff is charged 5,000 Rupiah. At around 05:15 pm, you should be prepared to photograph the sunset.

    From the city of Yogyakarta, the route that you can go is through Imogiri Street, Panggang, then going to Saptosari Street. From Saptosari Street, follow the path to Tepus, precisely to Baron Beach. At the T-junction before Baron Beach, take the left toward the Indrayanti Beach. From the intersection of Indrayanti Beach area, take a left and follow the asphalt road until arriving at Retribution Post. A few meters from the post, it will show you a signpost to the Pok Tunggal Beach.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    Pk Tunggal... I know that beach.
    one of the many beautiful beaches in Gunung Kidul

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