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    Valley of Love - New Outbond Spot of Claket Adventure Park in Mojokerto

    In Claket Village, Pacet Sub-district, Mojokerto Regency, East Java, there are exciting new tourist destinations. Its name is Claket Adventure Park, which presents nature tours as well as adrenaline. Here, visitors can take pictures on a wooden stage set in the jungle. Visitors can also try a variety of rides that are enough to test the adrenaline. While there are still three spots, namely Hammock, Valley of Love, and Undak Wolu. Later, the facilities of this adventure park will be added zipline, zipbike, labyrinth, sky tent, home nest, and many others.

    Although The Valley of Love is already opened to the public, this new spot has been completed 30 percent. The process of enjoying the selfie in the Valley of Love is also not easy, visitors must wear a safety rope tied to the knot of the rope and carabiner. Managers of Claket Adventure Park strictly prohibit visitors who do not wear safety ropes to approach the spot.

    Source: @claketadventurepark

    The new spots of zipline and zipbike at Claket Adventure Park will be one of the longest in Indonesia, reaching 800 meters. For zipbike, it will be four paths used, there are two depart lanes depart and two return lanes. Instructors or companions for outbound game in this place already have the skill. For more matured, there are special trainers from the Indonesia armies about rigging and others.

    Visitors do not need to feel hungry or thirsty after playing, because in Claket Adventure Park, there are many food courts. There are also some gazebos to relax with the family.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com
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