Nature-themed tour in Indonesia seems endless, because there are many new destinations in various regions. One of them is Surapanta Natural Park, in Boyolali that is emerged from the creativity and hard work of the surrounding youth. The new nature park that had been opened natural park on January 26, 2017. is located in Duku Pantaran, Talakbroto Village, Simo District, Boyolali, Central Java. If you are from Semarang, you will meet the location of Surapanta Nature Park after passing Salatiga City, precisely from the ring road of Salatiga to Ampel, and then to Simo District through Student Monument.

With the concept of a natural and orderly garden, you can enjoy the beauty, and freshness when visiting Surapanta Nature Park. This clean river in side area is transformed into a nice garden, with tourist facilities such as a viewing post for selfie. Not only that, tourists can enjoy the freshness of Pantaran River with a dip in a dam that was made. You can also take pictures in the park, bridge, and wall of this tourist landmark. For those who want to relax, in this park, there is also provided gazebos in three places, as well as dozens of seats for tourists to enjoy the natural scenery.

If you visit during the day, the heat of the sun can be treated with fresh water pouring the dam of this natural park. The river flow that pass through Surapanta Natural Park is quite clear, especially in the afternoon until late afternoon. Although, it's opened early 2017, this destination is quite loved by young tourists. In addition to the scenery, the rate charged for entrance is still cheap, only 2,000 Rupiah for parking and donation for voluntary hygiene money.

Land expansion and development continues to be undertaken by village youths. Currently, Karang Taruna Kerabat Atmaja of Talakbroto Village is building culinary center and canteen, children playground, river tubbing rides, also expansion of parking lot for bus there. The youth people of Talakbroto Village try to develop the facilities of Surapanta Natural Park for the better.

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