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    Exploring Kreo Cave and Its Guardian Monkeys - Semarang, Central Java

    Semarang, a city which is located in the north of Java Island, has a tourist destination full of legends. Kreo Cave, the name of a tourist destination has something to do with one of the leaders of Wali Songo, namely Sunan Kalijaga. Not only that, in Kreo Cave, there are many monkeys that live wildly but still protected. Tour guide of Kreo Cave said that the most typical of the tour in Goa Kreo was a historic cave that formerly used by Sunan Kalijaga to meditate. Kreo Goa is said to have a very long depth, so it can penetrate to Demak or Kendal. This cave is guarded by about 400-500 monkeys. They are wild monkeys, but they are already accustomed to the presence of tourists.

    If you want to visit this cave, don't bring excessive food. The monkeys here will usually know and seize the food from visitors. It is also advisable not to bring colored drinks because monkeys will be attracted to something colorful and flavorful. Note also, don't carry items which can attract the attention of the monkeys, such as jewelry, hats, and glasses.

    Kreo Cave is located in Dukuh Talun Kacang, Kandri Village, Gunung Pati Subdistrict, Semarang, West Java. This tourist attraction is also surrounded Jatibarang Dam. This dam has four main functions, there are water reservoir to tackle the flood problem in Semarang, hydroelectric power (PLTA), the source of local water company (PDAM), and tourism object.

    When visiting the Kreo Cave, you just pay 4,000 Rupiah for one person. Tourists who visit the Kreo Cave can also surround Jatibarang Dam with a speedboat that has been provided at a price of 100,000 Rupiah. One speedboat can be filled up to 4 people.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    So beautiful

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