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    Wonderful Dieng Kulon Tourism Village

    Dieng Kulon Tourism Village

    Dieng is derived from the Sanscrit "DI" which means a high place or mountain and "Hyang" means heaven. So, Dieng means mountainous region where the gods and goddesses residing. Therefore, no wonder if the village is located at an altitude of 2093 meters above sea level.Visiting to Dieng Kulon village, you can enjoy a variety of natural attractions such as Telaga Bale Kambang, the water tourism object. Dieng Kulon tourism object is famous with variety of temples that existed since the former Hindu kingdom era.

    Dieng Temple object is a temple tourism site in Central Java Province which visited by many tourists besides Prambanan and Borobudur. Dieng temple consists of many complex area such as Arjuna temple, Dwarawati temple, Gatotkaca temple, and Bima temple. The temples are located closely each other. Then there is also Sikidang crater that is a solfator (sulfur) object located in Dieng. In addition being a natural attraction, Dieng Kulon village also offers cultural tourism. There are activities Agro tourism activities & Living Culture of Dieng society. Itis a cultural tourism where the activity, habits and social customs of Dieng commodity will become interesting commodities to be visited. Following the tour package, you will stay at the Dieng typical lodging, learning wooden batik process, tracking to the Sikunir hill, Geothermal educational tours, picking typical Carica Dieng fruit, agro tourism (field trip), and outbound. There is also the Cultural show of Ruwatan Culture. The cultural performance is a typical prosession of Dieng culture which is usually carried out at a certain period in accordance with the economic capacity of each family who has a child with dreadlocks. Those who like a challenging tour, Dieng Kulon tourism village also offer adventure travel. Here you can follow flying fox. As a tourism village, Dieng Kulon has been equipped with supporting facilities such as Home Stay, souvenir kiosks, parking lot, means of information, and so forth. Dieng Kulon village is located about 55 kilometers to the town of Banjarnegara and can be reached by land transportation.

    Source: http://www.en.voi.co.id/

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    Really loved to read this article, is that posibble if do a one day tour ?
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    So beautiful

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