For those of you who live around West Jakarta, try to visit a park which is shady and comfortable. The park is "Pedongkelan" located at Pedongkelan Raya No. 2, Cengkareng. This park was built in 2014. Although the park is only 3,472 square meters, but this park is always invaded by visitors every day. Usually, Pedongkelan Park is crowded at three o'clock in the afternoon. Not just the weekend, but almost every day this park is crowded with visitors.

There are variety of free facilities that located in the park adjacent to the river, such as outdoor gym, children's playground, adequate seating, and so forth. Indeed, if it is viewed from the facility, this park is quite adequate and comfortable. But the parking lot in Pedongkelan Park is still too small when it is viewed from the public interest who visit this park.

So, if you want to visit Pedongkelan Park, you can ride Transjakarta Transportation with route of Harmoni - Kalideres route, then down at the hanging bridge stop. From the bus station of suspension bridge, please head north and cross the river first. Please walk from the suspension bridge about 150 meters to Pedongkelan Park.

The best time to visit Pedongkelan Park is in the morning, because the air of this park is still fresh and comfortable to exercise.

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