Who would have thought the area that was once one of the largest prostitution sites in Jakarta has been transformed into a green open space. Area with an area of ​​about 1.4 hectares is a new tourist destination for Jakarta residents who need green open spaces. In addition enjoying for free, residents can also use the various facilities available in Kalijodo Park. Starting from the jogging track, bike path, skate park, amphitheater, musala (mosque), playground for children, mini library, outdoor gym, toilet, and so forth. But in the Kalijodo Park, there is no shade tree to take shelter. This resulted can cause in a scorching heat during the day. Therefore, most people choose to go to Kalijodo Park in the morning or afternoon.

For those who love photography, it seems that Kalijodo Park is also inferior to other parks. The attention of visitors in the Kalijodo Park is with graffiti art on a large wall. Here a lot of visitors who do selfie with cheerful. Graffiti wall in Kalijodo Park is really cool and very "instagramable".

Not only graffiti wall, sometimes on weekends or long holidays, there is bazaar in this park. Bazaar that already has official permission is usually peddling booths food, drinks and clothing. Although the bazaar in Kalijodo Park is not held routinely, but the bazaar is always crowded visited by tourists in the afternoon. The thing that remain in the spotlight of bazaar is the lack of garbage that should be provided by the committee. It makes the garbage is still scattered around the bazaar.

Taman Kalijodo is located on Kepanduan Strret II, Angke Subdistrict, Tambora Sub-district, West Jakarta.

Article Source: travel.kompas.com