Huta Ginjang in Muara District, North Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra, is one of the tourist destinations to enjoy the scenery of Lake Toba. Huta Ginjang is located at an altitude of 1,555 meters above sea level (mdpl). Huta means village, and Ginjang means top. Therefore, Huta Ginjang is the village above.

From Huta Ginjang, tourists can see the beauty of Toba Lake and the hills are overgrown with pine trees. In Huta Ginjang, the tourists can play a hang glider or hanging gate. In addition, in Huta Ginjang there is also Taber Prayer Hill or Tabernacle (Shining Tapanuli), which is one of the religious attractions in North Tapanuli. Taber Prayer Hill began construction in 1996 and began to be used since 2014.

Taber Prayer Hill is a landmark of Muara Sub-district. While visiting Taber Prayer hill, tourists will immediately see the two palm statues that are close each other. Taber Prayer Hills has 26 rooms and chambers to pray. In addition, this place is also equipped with a place of worship services and spiritual retreat. In addition to praying, this prayer hill is located in the highest hill plateau in the Toba Lake area which is suitable to be a place to take pictures because of the beautiful scenery. The air around this prayer hill is quite soothing.

Everyday Friday afternoon, there are some young people who travel and take pictures there. Around the Taber Prayer Hill, there are also stalls selling food and souvenir shops. To get the Huta Gintang, tourists must use private vehicles or rental vehicles. Therefore, there is no public transportation to it. Distance of Huta Gintang can be reached with about 15-30 minutes from Silangit Airport.

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