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    Visiting The Tourist Area of Great Ancient Trees in East Lombok

    The location of ancient tree tourism is located in Permatan Hamlet, Gunung Malang Village, Pringgabaya Sub-district, on the northern ring road of Lombok Island. This object recreation is a row of tree stands as high as 40 meters to 50 meters. "This ancient trees are usually the medium of growing bee colony, and the fruit into pigeon forest food," said Indriyatno, lecturer of the Faculty of Agriculture University of Mataram in Mataram, Lombok. This great trees are located on an area of ​​4 hectares and owned by 4 people, although developed into attractions about 1.5 ha.

    The area of ancient trees was once cultivated cotton in the 1970s. In 1982 this area was converted to plantation crops, then handed over to individual ownership. The government of East Lombok Regency tried to buy it to be a conservation area because the trees are very rare. However, until now, it has not materialized. Four owners want to make the location as a tourist location.

    There are 40 ancient trees in this area. The number of trees are not yet included on the roadside, either thriving or falling due to strong winds, and some trees are felled because the trunk of the tree is porous and weathered. The root of the ancient tree is reached about 170 centimeters. The rootstitch is big as three to four arms of an adult. The trunk of this ancient tree is like a cottonwood tree trunk. However, the trunk is slippery so the tree is difficult to climb.

    Located about 75 kilometers east of Mataram, the capital of NTB, the area of ​​ancient trees is like a mini wilderness. The visitors in this tourism are included photographers, young people, and families who come to fill the holidays and take pictures with a mobile phone. With a variety of styles, visitors move from tree to tree to take pictures with the background of giant trees.

    The local residents around this tourism call the ancient tree (Ficus albipila) with lian tree because it is not found elsewhere. It is said that the tree was only in Australia, Africa, and Permatan Hamlet. This refers to the story of various told about the seeds are carried by birds that flied from another continent or drift to Lombok due to tsunamis in Australian waters hundreds of years ago. Rohandi, Chief Executive Officer of Gunung Malang Village, said the tree was 350 years old. "According to my great-grandfather, this tree is already existed before the Dutch Government," Rohandi said.

    The ancient trees in this tourism area are now often the object of making video clips of local bands and wedding photo preparation of the bride and groom. As many as 900 visitors come to the location of ancient trees every Sunday. Visitors pay only 5,000 Rupiah per motorcycle and 10,000 Rupiah for car or bus when entering the area. From this tourist area, visitors can see the panorama of rice fields and verdant gardens, or enjoy some of the foot of Rinjani Mountain (3726 meters above sea level) that is obstructed hill of Gunung Malang. Visitors can also walk under the trees enjoy the cool and calm atmosphere.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    Wow.... very beautifull..............

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