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    Tourism Jakarta, Indonesia, where quality shopping, cheap Jakarta shopping travel whe

    Tourism Jakarta, Indonesia shopping where?
    1. The busy shopping center and often should the price decline to visit, shopping to travel to Jakarta, Indonesia
    Plaza Indonesia

    One of the center, address the most ideal shopping Jakarta, Indonesia for the branded believers. Palaza Indonesia sits just below the Grand Hyatt Hotel, owned hundreds of stalls of clothing, cosmetics, jewelry to souvenirs, books, flowers, drugs and furnishing ...

    You can find so many famous fashion brands such as Milano, Guuci or Versace here. Special t fibrillation trade should go shopping while traveling Jakarta, Indonesia also has agents all tourism service providers and high-end restaurants.
    It's interesting is not it, to Plaza Indonesia not only delight your sightseeing, shopping, but also enjoy the delicious food at the chic restaurant.

    DJIA CHI: 28-30 Jalan MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta 10350.
    Opening hours: 10:00 to 21:00.
    - Shopping Block M

    If you do not know to shop where they can travel cheaply and self Jakarta , look to Block M. shopping shopping This is more people to visit the most, not only 3 major commercial center Block M also has hundreds of shops from budget to high-end price can be acceptable.
    A special feature of the mall Block M are after sightseeing, shopping is done you can look at Cinema 21 to watch movies or to restaurants to enjoy culinary Jakarta, Indonesia or snack with prices fairly soft. At night you can also go to the bar or coffee shop to enjoy the nightlife in Jakarta.

    DJIA chi: Jl. Bulungan No. 76, the Special Capital Region of Jakarta 12130, Indonesia.
    Opening hours: 10: 00-22: 00.
    - Plaza Senayan Shopping Center

    Add an address ideal shopping, exciting could not travel until Jakarta, Idonesia , Plaza Senayan mall's senior center located in Jakarta. You can easily move up to here by car or public transport.
    This shopping center is divided into three distinct stories, each floor sells different merchandise groups: Level 1 is the gathering place of the store diverse types, from budget to luxury; Level 2 is the place dedicated to the fashion stores and the 3rd floor is the "province" of restaurants and entertainment.
    Plaza Senayan also one of the great shopping addresses and favorite in Jakarta for the foreign community living here, by the utility that it brings. When you come here, you can eat and drink, entertainment and relaxed sightseeing, shopping for anything you like, and affordable.

    Địa chỉ: 8 Afrikaz Asia, PT Senayan Trikarya Sempama, Jakarta 10270.
    Opening hours: 10:00 to 21:00.
    - Mall Artha Gading synthesis

    Is designed in the image of the "Silk Road", Artha Gading mall is very popular in Indonesia. This center is very large, and is divided into several areas: Nusantara Atrium Paris Atrium, Italy Atrium, China Atrium, India Atrium, Persia Atrium and the largest site Millenium Atrium, ... each area is designed and sold those items separately know.
    Here you can delight selection and procurement of goods such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, electronics ... Especially when you come here you can admire the model wonders world famous . For example, when the area you will find Italy Atrium Roman arena and the statue of the Greek gods; even when the area you will find India Atrium Tai Mahal Palace; Millenium Atrium you would like to be resurrected in the Renaissance ... Very interesting, right? Tourism Jakarta, Indonesia to shop where the best? Answers suggest that Artha Gading key.

    DJIA chi: 1 Jl. Artha Gading Selatan, North Jakarta, Jakarta 14240.
    Opening hours: 10: 00- 22:00.
    Apart from the shopping center famous, great and reasonable price should visit when traveling to Jakarta, Indonesia mentioned above, you can also go to Chinatown or center Sarinah, complex Mangga Dua, center Pondok Indah Mall, ... to even pick up items like the offline.

    2. The famous bazaar featured interesting and traditional tourist must come when shopping in Jakarta, Indonesia
    Apart from the shopping center, Jakarta, Indonesia has many markets, and this is the ideal shopping address and great to travel to Jakarta, Indonesia self-sufficient, cheap .
    The famous bazaar attracts many locals as well as visitors cross the flower market Pasar Rawa Belong, Jalan Surabaya antiques market, art market Pasar Seni and crafts Pasar Baru or fashion market ... ..

    True to its name, each market has sold a commodity group feature, and if you intend to shop at the markets this useful advice when shopping in Jakarta, Indonesia is to maximize availability their bargaining power, and carefully furnished. Normally in markets, you just need to pay the price down to 1/2 or 1 bit more than the price that sellers make is you will have your favorite items in the bag.
    >>> source: https://dulich9.com/du-lich-jakarta-...ng-gia-re.html

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    Jakarta Best

    Ayo Dimana tempat shopping Bagus Sebut kan lima??/

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    Tourism Jakarta Indonesia where quality shopping cheap Jakarta shopping travel whe

    Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. Many tourists visit Jakarta, every year. The city offers various historical places, museums to its visitors. It is really the heart of Indonesia.

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    Thanks so much for sharing! I'll visit to Jarkatar 1 month later

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    One of the world’s greatest megalopolises, Jakarta is a dynamic city of daunting extremes with surreal juxtapositions on every street corner.

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