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    Boyolali Tourism - Exoticism Scenery Of Gancik Hill

    Gancik Hill is one of the attractions in Boyolali, Central Java that worth to be visited. From Gancik Hill in Selo Nduwur, Selo Village, Selo Sub-district which is located at 1,850 mdpl slope of Merbabu, the scenery around it looks exotic. Lately, Gancik Hill that is right overlooking Merapi becomes a favorite place of local tourists who visit Selo region. It happens after local residents build a view post and two gazebos on this hill. Viewing stand made of bamboo with height 9 meters is now a favorite photo hunting place for doing selfie.

    In addition to beautiful natural scenery with the background of Merapi and Merbabu Mountain, Gancik Hill also includes one of the most beautiful places for its sunrise view, especially during summer season. This is possible because of the location, it is a view point parallel to the peak of Merapi that is known to have one of the best sunrise views. From the viewing post at Gancik Hill, travelers can enjoy the beautiful sun as it emerges from behind Lawu Mountain in Karanganyar. From here, the view of the golden triangle mountains (Lawu-Merapi-Merbabu) looks distant. Even at night, the natural beauty of Gancik Hill is still interesting. The area of Solo City looks like a reverse latitude with the lights from the mainland like a full moon shadow.

    The word of "Gancik" was taken from the history of Kyai Sharif who lived in Merbabu in the year before independence. It was said that path on the hill often be a path up and down Kyai Sharif from Merbabu to Pasar Selo. In Gancik Hill area, there are 4 sacred places that have potential to become tourism supporters in this hill. The four places are the Jalak Cave, Watu Buto, Watu Jonggol, and Kali Gede.

    From the 4 caves, distance of Jalak Cave is the closest with the viewing post of Gancik Hill, about 200 meters up from the Gancik Hill viewing post. While Kali Gede, Watu Jonggol and Watu Buto are still in the area of ​​the hill. Watu Buto and Watu Jonggol are 2 large pieces of rock that have historical stories and mystical place. Because of the size of the stone, it is said that the stone is clearly visible from the Solo Palace. Until now, Watu Jonggol remains in place and it's never rotten. No one dare person moves the location of the stone because the stone will always return to its original place.

    By local residents, the existence of sacred places will be managed better as part of religious tourism that supports the potential of Gancik Hill Tourism. So that later complete, there are agricultural tourism, nature tourism, and religious tourism.

    Access to Gancik Hill is not difficult. Although the location of the viewing post is quite high, but the distance of it is quite close to the settlement. From the Solo-Selo-Borobudur (SSB) line, travelers can take a route through the villages of Selo Tengah and Selo Nduwur. The path to the hill is quite adrenaline rush because there is only a path, uphill, and flanked by vegetable plantations owned by residents.

    Travelers can reach the viewing point in Gancik Hill by motorcycle with crossing the farm path that is partly already in the concrete. Meanwhile, if reached by foot, this hill can be achieved in 30 minutes. For entrance ticket to Gancik Hill, visitors are charged Rp. 5000 / motorcycle. In this tourist place, there are also many food and beverage sellers that you can enjoy.

    Article Source: http://wisata-indonesiana.blogspot.co.id/

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