The Terentang Beach that located in the village of Terentang, Central Bangka, Bangka Belitung Province is now emerging as one of tourist destinations which begin to be considered. The Terentang Beach is supported the appeal of its strategic location. It is very interesting of the tourists as well as the riders who visit the beach to remove fatigue. Terentang Beach is part of the east coast line that runs along the island of Bangka. Terentang Beach is right on the edge of a highway linking the city of Bangka, Pangkalpinang as well as Central and South Bangka Regency.

Various facilities begin to be built to provide comfort for visitors. There are floored garden with paving blocks, wall climbing, toilet large parking lot, gazebo and other supporting facilities. With the wide range of facilities, it makes visitors have many choices while on the beach. In addition to play in the sand and swim in the sea, visitors can defy gravity on board climbing or relaxing in the park with colleagues. Condition that is still relatively clean beaches, makes visitors feel at home.

Local governments develop Terentang Beach as a tourist destination that can be enjoyed by the whole society. The synergy between the district and provincial governments are expected to promote tourist sites in Terentang Beach.

Until now, no formal charges are imposed on visitors to the beach. However, there is a parking fee of 5,000 Rupiah which is intended for visitors who use four-wheel vehicles. As one family holiday destination, Terentang Beach has a record that was used as a total solar eclipse observation sites, some time ago. Green trees that are planted along the coast, bring the impression of shade as well as a place to relax. This beach has no large rocks, like the other beaches in the Bangka.

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